JACO IML In Mould Labeling

Maximum printing quality for sophisticated solutions

In In-Mould Labelling, or IML for short, pre-printed labels are inserted directly into the injection mould. When the plastic is injected into the tool, the label fuses with the melted plastic due to its temperature.
There is no need for an extra adhesive layer. When curing, the label and the plastic shape become an inseparable unit.
The IML process enables you to do things you could not realise in traditional printing.

Advantages of IML

  •  High printing resolution for photorealistic representation of motifs
  •  Metallizing effects
  •  Peel-off labels
  •  Glossy, matt, rough & metallizing effects are possible
  •  Products may be labelled partly or entirely
  •  IML indicates high quality at the point of sale and is particularly suited to optically demanding
  •  Double-sided labels