JACO Letterset

Fast printing with up to 8 colours

In letterset printing, each colour is individually transferred onto a printing plate and then onto a rubber blanket. From there, the entire image is transferred onto the part to be imprinted.
Letterset printing, unlike other methods such as silkscreen printing or pad printing, allows higher printing speed and is thus particularly suited for medium-sized and large printing volumes.
In addition, it is completely unproblematic to print in special colours from the Pantone scale.
With a total capacity in excess of 300 million parts per year, we are able to process your orders quickly and flexibly.


Advantages of letterset printing

  • High printing speed and quality
  • Great flexibility in formats & batch sizes
  • Short lead times thanks to large printing capacity
  • Efficiency benefits in case of large batches
  • Printing of up to 8 special colours
  • Use of low-migration paint and varnish guaranteed


Prepress Guidelines

Letterset Prepress Guidelines DE
Letterset Prepress Guidelines EN