Your requirements set our benchmark

Being a manufacturer of primary packaging for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry, we consider ourselves a link in the value-added chain on which our customers can fully rely in terms of quality and product safety.
To warrant this, we keep improving our integrated management system. The specifications of DIN EN ISO 9001, the EU GMP guidelines (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice) and the British Retail Consortium BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials are adhered to consistently.
The observance of our high quality standards is made transparent by certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and BRC.
We live and ensure both our and your standards of product quality, product safety and product conformity in daily practical application.
In this context, we consider the continuous monitoring and successful certification of our management system by accredited certification bodies to be ‘bits of evidence’ proving that ours is the way to go.
Apart from many other aspects, our management system includes systematic product testing, which is performed and documented in all process steps.
Batch-related traceability is ensured for the entire production process.